Poetry for
the senses

Natural cosmetics
that look after your skin

Red Fruit mousse shower gel

On contact with water, this moisturising mousse shower gel recreates the feeling of walking along a forest fruit lined path.

Violet Garden & Love mousse shower gel

On contact with water, this moisturising mousse shower gel recreates the feeling of swallows fluttering in a garden of violets.

Formentera shower gel

Feel the kisses of sea and salt under the infinite smooth sky, with the watchful lighthouse of secrets: Formentera island.

Ibiza shower gel

Feel the sweet dew of the morning, after a night given over to touch, music and fire, with the sea as a witness to true love.

Tabarca shower gel

Feel life and its fragrances at every moment.

Deep Ocean shower gel

Exfoliating shower gel with algae extracts from the deep ocean.

Candy hand soap

Creamy hand soap with a warm, bubbly scent, as sweet as summer fruit.

Tropical hand soap

Creamy hand soap with an enveloping scent of tropical notes, including pineapple and more.

Cinnamon hand soap

Creamy hand soap with one of the most pleasant and appealing scents in nature: cinnamon.

Blackberry hand soap

Creamy hand soap with a blackberry scent.

Exotic mousse hand soap

Mousse hand soap with peach and apricot scents.

Cherry mousse hand soap

Mousse hand soap with cherry and berry scents.

Fresh and sweet body spray

Body spray that recreates the sweet mist of morning dew.

Sun and sea body spray

Body spray that recreates the seductive kisses of salt and sea.

Tropical Fresh Body Spray

Body spray that recreates the first gentle breeze of the day.

Cotton flower body milk

Moisturising body milk with a high content of protein and carbohydrates from cotton flower extract.

Cotton flower hand cream

Formulated with a combination of ingredients that gives the emulsion a pleasant touch.

Avocado hand cream

Formulated with avocado oil, rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and E.

Manuka honey hand cream

Formulated with Manuka honey. A plant extract from the meadows of New Zealand.

Sanitising hand soap

Glycerine and aloe vera deeply clean the hands, removing all types of dirt.

Hydroalcoholic spray

This sanitising aerosol thoroughly cleans your hands with a spray.

Sanitising gels

Complete cleaning and sanitising gel for your hands.

Odour eliminator hand soap

Effectively eliminates unpleasant hand odours resulting from contact with food.

Sanitiser pack

Sanitiser pack, hydroalcoholic spray, avocado hand cream and cotton flower hand cream.

Our philosophy
at Laiseven

We were born to create poetry for the senses, to help you dream with our shower and body care products. We put feeling above everything. Other brands talk of their active ingredients and patented formulas… we value the dreams you have with half-closed eyes while using Laiseven.

We work from inspiration, sensitivity and the search for happiness through the quality of our products.

Understanding, intimacy, intensity when living, we want to rescue those little moments we each save in our memory, or that we live with in our eyes forever.

In addition, and in line with the 2013 European legislation, none of our products are tested on animals. We demand all our raw material suppliers comply with this legislation too.

Putting into action our plan to reduce our environmental impact is one of our primary objectives. This involves installing a wastewater treatment plant and implementing an environmental programme that includes the construction of an eco-park. All our waste is classified, treated and managed following the most up-to-date legislation, and all our staff are trained in its good practice.

We are members of ECOEMBES, an organisation that works to protect and look after the environment through recycling and eco-design packaging in Spain.

  • Laiseven is naturalNatural
  • Laiseven is veganVegan
  • Laiseven is innovativeInnovation
  • Laiseven cruelty185
  • Laiseven is healthyHealth
  • Laiseven is sustainableRecyclable