I carry your light and scent
Wherever I go
And amassed in your sand
I bear love, games and sorrows

Just like in the song, Laiseven is inspired by the Mediterranean. For its soul, its light, its colours, and its fragrances… for its people – people who do not let time pass them by but live every moment to the full… they feel and smell it. And what do they feel and smell?… They feel the breeze and the sun, the sand on the beach striking their cheeks and they smell the aromas of pine and rosemary and the scent of the sea with its beautiful colours.

We are inspired by the cult of the body, but not in the sense of constantly needing to take care of it because we know we are imperfect. We are inspired by the sun and good fragrances, we are inspired by beauty in the greatest of its amplitudes… a beautiful smile, a complicit glance… we are inspired by fun and passion… we are inspired by you.

We like to feel involvement, closeness and intensity when it comes to living, and because of this, we want to recapture the small moments that each of you keeps in your memory or mind’s eye forever.

Laiseven’s values are closely linked to our customers, and we make sure that the quality we seek for each of our products results in greater benefit to our consumers and friends..

We are

Laiseven is committed to the environment and quality (ISO 9001:2008) and holds a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Cosmetic Products issued by the Spanish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (AEMPS).

Moreover, in compliance with the European regulations of 2013, none of our products are tested on animals and we require our raw materials suppliers to also comply with these regulations.
The launch of an environmental impact reduction plan is one of our priority goals, embodied in the installation of a wastewater treatment plant as well as the implementation of an environmental programme that includes the construction of a recycling centre. All of our waste is sorted, treated and managed in accordance with current regulations and all of our personnel are trained in good practice.

We are a member of ECOEMBES, an organisation that promotes environmental protection through recycling and the design of environmentally friendly packaging in Spain.



At Laiseven, we work
from inspiration,
and quality